Youth Work Matters

The Value of Youth Work

Youth workers have so much to offer the Victorian community. By strengthening local neighbourhoods and the wider community, a passionate youth worker can create life-long positive impacts in the lives of young people.

Unfortunately, the important role of youth workers can sometimes be overlooked and undervalued, the scope of their work often misunderstood.

Most of us have some understanding youth work and what it might involve but don’t realise the work it takes to become a trusted role model and help young people navigate through challenging situations and circumstances.

Youth workers help young people make important decisions in all aspects of their lives, including their education and career pathways, health, wellbeing and relationships. Youth workers also help young people overcome more difficult and sensitive challenges like poor mental health, long term unemployment, deteriorating family relations and more- often on a daily basis.

So why is it that so many youth workers report that it’s hard to be recognised as experts in their own industry?

 Sometimes it’s hard for adults to understand the value of social support programs for young people, assuming responsibility to fall mainly on parents. However, due to all kinds of possible circumstances – it takes some extra help from youth workers to give young people the support they need. Support that often goes above and beyond the role of a parent.

Unless you’ve been involved, to some degree, in the youth work industry, it’s hard to understand the emotional investment good youth workers put into their jobs. The time it takes to build trust and confidence from within the young people they work with. The ever-changing needs of their clients.

So, what can we do?

As an organisation that both employs and appreciates youth support workers and the amazing job they do, we understand the heart and soul that goes into their roles. It’s important that we all work to keep sharing stories, triumphs, testimonials and successes in the industry.

This is one of the key reasons we wanted to start BridgingWorx Blogs- we needed a space to shed some light on the important work that’s being done in the youth work sector. We encourage all of our staff to continue sharing their experiences in the industry, unload and debrief on the hardships and keep working to make the future for our young people as bright as can be.

Thank you, to current, past and aspiring youth workers. Your roles are invaluable.