RU OK? A Life Changing Question

RUOK? Are you okay? Three words that have the potential to save someone’s life.

Every day about 9 Australians die as a result of suicide- we need to make it a priority to help those who might be struggling.

Thursday the 12th of September is RU OK Day. A day of to make sure family, friends and colleagues are OK. A day to ask the question and check in on our loved ones.

RU OK? Why is it so important?

We can all relate to feeling down at times- its only human! But when we’re at work or when we have things we need to do, we can put our emotions aside. Sometimes we just need someone to ask if everything’s okay before we feel like we can ask for the help we need.

Whilst we should be making an effort every day to make sure our loved ones are doing well, having a designated day helps make starting difficult conversations much easier. If you have a niggling feeling that someone you care about has been a little ‘off’ lately, trust your instincts and ACT. Maybe a colleague has been taking more time out of the office or acting a little more frazzled, maybe a loved one has been quiet and withdrawn – sometimes the signs are subtle, sometimes not – but it doesn’t hurt to ASK.

By (respectfully) starting a conversation and maybe even mentioning the changes you’ve noticed, you could help your friends, family members or work mates open up about things that have been going on. You can be the person who shows loved ones that someone cares enough to ask, someone cares enough to listen, and someone cares enough to help.



You can’t pour from an empty cup. Before you can look out for others, it’s important to look out for yourself and your own mental health– and that’s ok! If you don’t think you’re the right person to start the conversation with someone you’re concerned for, try and think of someone else in their support network who can help ask: RU OK?

All it takes is a question, a small gesture or show of support to make a difference. Kindness doesn’t cost a thing so make an effort today to show your loved ones that you have their backs and make a meaningful difference.

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." - Aesop 

Need to talk?

If you or someone you know needs some extra support, call Lifeline on 13 11 14

Celina Odachowski